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Our Sunday morning worship hour is the highlight of our week. It’s when we come together to praise God for all He has done for us.

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That Other Side of Jesus: He Overturns Tables

Two weeks ago I introduced a short sermon series about the importance of seeing Jesus as he is portrayed in the Bible, and not just in the way that makes us most comfortable. We all like to think about the Jesus who held babies and forgave sinners and ate dinner at tax collectors’ houses. We may not be as comfortable with “that other side of Jesus”: the one who turns over tables, talks about “weeping and gnashing of teeth” and…

That other side of Jesus

I ran across an article that was published back in February, and it inspired the sermon for this Sunday (as well as a few to follow). If you’d like to read the article, it’s here. All of us like to think about the Jesus who welcomes sinners and speaks words of compassion to those who are hurting. And people need to see that Jesus because some of them never have. But there’s another side of Jesus that’s presented in the…

Children: A Heritage from the Lord

Is there a greater responsibility than that given to parents? We have many families-with-children in our congregation, and most of us probably wring our hands in despair at times over the challenges that come with being parents. Every era has its challenges, and ours certainly contains its share: changing views regarding sexuality, the always-on, always-available entertainment culture, increasingly busy schedules, etc. . . . What do we do? How do we raise kids who love the Lord and resist the…