The Ups and Downs of Faith

The Ups and Downs of Faith

What do we do when we face unfulfilled dreams? When life doesn’t turn out the way we want? When God doesn’t seem to be doing the things that he said he would?

Sometimes we “help” God. We do his work for him to “encourage” him to do what he said he would.

The problem is—that rarely turns out well.

But we can probably relate to Sarai’s frustration, can’t we? She was older and the chances of her conceiving a child were almost non-existent. That would be devastating for her, especially given God’s promise that she and her husband Abraham would be the parents of a family that would eventually bless the world.

If you had been in her shoes, what would you have done? What should she have done?

In this story, what do we learn? About God? About trusting God?