Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Bible School Program

We at the Hoover Church of Christ take the Biblical education of our young people very seriously. We offer classes to children of all ages on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. We would love for you to bring your children to our classes and let us help you “train up your children in the way they should go.” If you have any questions about the Children’s Education Program, feel free to contact us at

Preschool Program

Our Preschool program offers Bible school classes for children ages 0 through 4 years. Our classes provide interactive ways for young children to learn about God and Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. In our Nursery and 1-year-old classrooms, children sing songs and begin to learn about God and the Bible. Our 2-year-olds begin to learn about important characters from the Bible. Our 3-year-old class spends its time on the Old Testament, and our 4-year-old class spends a year on the New Testament.


CrossRoads is our Kindergarten through 5th-grade education program that utilizes a rotation model. During a two week lesson, children rotate with their grade through four different classrooms to learn through a combination of traditional and non-traditional teaching methods. The four classrooms are: The Museum of Bible History, The Game Room, The Creator’s Canvas, and Holy Word Studios. Within each room, children are taught the Bible lesson using a different interactive medium designed to keep them engaged and spark excitement for learning.

This short video does an excellent job of explaining the program and highlights how much kids love coming to Bible class!

Jr. High

Children in grades 6th through 8th are at a pivotal point in their spiritual development with many contemplating the decision to put on Christ in baptism. So, we devote these three years in our education program to teaching them about Christianity. Our Jr. High curriculum consists of a three-year rotation of topics from the New Testament. The first year is spent on the Life of Christ and our interpersonal relationships. The second year is spent on the book of Acts and the steps to salvation. Year 3 is spent on the Epistles and the Lord’s Church.

Sr. High

Our Sr. High classes for grades 9th through 12th consist of a combination of topical studies and textual studies. Each quarter a different study is conducted to help build and strengthen the faith of our teenagers and to help them deal with the challenges that they face from day to day.