Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts

The Hope

The world is a scary place, you know? People in our church family—including some of you, no doubt—are struggling with different kinds of anxieties and concerns today. Perhaps it’s an upcoming medical test, a troubled marriage, or tension and stress at work. Unfortunately, fear is part of what it means to be human—at least in the world as we experience it now. But God offers a different way. Permeating the Bible from beginning to end is something called hope. I’ve…

This Jesus

Sunday is Easter, of course, and people throughout the world will reflect in some sense on the resurrection of Christ. I chose Peter’s sermon in Acts 2 as my text because it was the first sermon preached after the resurrection, and so it was the first sermon from the apostles that was shaped by their new awareness of who Jesus really was. Notice how Peter uses the phrase “This Jesus” three times in his sermon: “. . . this Jesus,…

Why We’re Here: A Worshiping Community

A few weeks back I started a four-part series under the heading, “Why We’re Here,” focusing on Luke’s description of the earliest Christians in Acts 2:42-47. The previous sermons have emphasized the church as a learning community, a sharing community, and an eating together community. For this last sermon in the series, I’m going to emphasize the church as a worshiping community. If you’ve traveled to Europe, you’ve noticed that what used to be the center of Christianity–as indicated by…
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