Sermons from September 2020

A Prophet like Moses

For centuries the Jewish people had been looking for “the Prophet,” the one Moses said was coming in our reading for tomorrow. It seems that at least some of them were looking for both a Prophet and a King/Messiah–two different people. Apparently they didn’t understand that the One who was to come would be a Prophet-King-Messiah. Traditionally, we’ve focused a lot on Jesus being the fulfillment of the OT’s prediction of a coming King from the lineage of David, but…

Truth Matters

Pilate’s question makes it sound like he would fit quite well in our post-truth society. Asking “What is truth?” with a tone of skepticism is fairly common these days. As we studied a couple of weeks ago when our emphasis was on Scripture, most folks are comfortable with “truths” but not “Truth.” They’re even less comfortable with the idea of the Truth being a Person. For whatever reason, Jesus wasn’t squishy on truth. Standing before the person who–from a human…
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