Sermons on The Church

Sermons on The Church

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

The way Luke chooses to begin this chapter is fascinating . . . he sets the stage by listing the most powerful people in the world, starting with the Emperor of Rome and narrowing in on the local secular and religious leaders. And then he takes us to John, an eccentric character who receives God’s word in the wilderness. Tiberius reigns in Rome, but Luke wants us to see what God is doing in the backwater region of Judea: he’s…

Why We’re Here: Sharing

We live in a world where many people—especially younger adults—are turning away from organized religion. They still believe in God, but for different reasons they no longer see the need to be a part of a church—a local, visible community of people who are following Jesus. In this world, we in the church need to ask ourselves: Why are we here? Why should Christians be involved in a local church? Why did God put us here? This was the second…

Becoming Disciples

It’s important for churches to ask themselves the question in the sermon title: Why are we here? And it’s important for members of churches to ask themselves a similar question: Why am I a member of this church? What is God doing through this church and through me for us to experience a mutual blessing? Luke’s description of the earliest Christians is exhilarating: these men and women had found what they had been searching for their whole lives–the promised Messiah,…
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