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A Living Sacrifice

A frequent theme of Scripture is this: “Based on what God has done for us, what should we do?” God led the Israelites out of Egypt (saved them), and then he gave them the Law (taught them how to live as saved people). In a similar way, for the first 11 chapters of Romans Paul explores the inestimable depths of God’s love for us and his work in saving us. Then at the beginning of chapter 12 he writes, “Therefore,…

In His Own Image

The pinnacle of creation week was man and woman, created “in [God’s] own image.” There’s some sort of mystery involved in God’s assertion that he created us in his image, but it certainly means that we are so highly valued. All of us, regardless of ethnicity or gender, of intelligence or accomplishment, are loved and honored by the God of heaven and earth. Many implications flow from this fact, affecting our views about ethnicity (racism, discrimination, etc.), gender (gender inequities,…