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In Luke chapter 9, we read that Jesus sent His disciples into the towns and villages to teach the gospel and to heal.  Followers of Jesus should expect to be sent. We don’t become Christians to be served or catered to. So, in our youth ministry, we are hoping to help equip our children for their mission to reach out to the lost and dying world and show them Jesus. But when Jesus sent his disciples out to work, he…

No matter what

Many Christians have faced very difficult situations, and some of you are going through them right now. Sometimes it’s uncertainty at work: is my position going to be phased out? Should I make a career change? It might be one of your children that you’re worried about: life and relationship choices, immaturity, worldliness. Sometimes it’s health problems, either your own or someone close to you. Or maybe some other dilemma. You don’t know how something’s going to work out, and…

Kids are Funny

It’s funny to watch kids. A two-year-old typically thinks it’s all about him. If there’s a toy in the room, it’s his toy. If you have something he wants, you should give it to him, and right now would be nice. Put two toddlers in a room with only one toy, and it’ll get ugly really soon. A kid’s world is very small—just big enough for him and the people who are there to get him what he wants. I’d…
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