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Seeing through the fog

It was a fog-shrouded morning on July 4, 1952, when Florence Chadwick dove into the chilly waters of the Pacific Ocean. She intended to become the first woman ever to swim from Catalina Island to the California coast, but after she had been swimming for over fifteen hours she became exhausted, cold, and discouraged. She asked her trainers in the boat beside her to take her out of the water. They pleaded with her, telling her they could see the…
Reusable face masks and single use medical masks in hands

God’s Pandemic Response

If you’ve lived on Earth for the past 6 months, you know the world has experienced a tumultuous year. And during this year, some have wondered what exactly God has been doing. Does He care? Does He even notice? These aren’t simple questions, but I’m going to use my space today to give one simple answer. What is God’s answer to the problems our world is facing? Answer: you. God came to earth to become the perfect sacrificial lamb for…