God’s Pandemic Response

God’s Pandemic Response

If you’ve lived on Earth for the past 6 months, you know the world has experienced a tumultuous
year. And during this year, some have wondered what exactly God has been doing. Does He
care? Does He even notice? These aren’t simple questions, but I’m going to use my space
today to give one simple answer. What is God’s answer to the problems our world is facing?

Answer: you.

God came to earth to become the perfect sacrificial lamb for our sins. He bought us back from
the guilt of our sins and gave us hope. But that’s not where this story begins.

When Moses was chosen to go before Pharaoh to free the Israelite nation, he paused and
argued, “I am not eloquent…I am slow of speech and tongue…” But God gave Moses two
assurances: 1. I made your mouth, and 2. I will be with your mouth and teach you what you
shall speak. God created each of us, He knows what we are capable of, and He will be with us
and guide us as we serve Him. (Exodus 4) But God’s knowledge of us and His plans for us
began long before we found ourselves standing before the mountains we are meant to conquer.

God told Jeremiah that He knew him, consecrated him, and appointed him as a prophet “before
I formed you in the womb” (Jeremiah 1:5-8). God knew of every problem that Moses and
Jeremiah would face BEFORE they were conceived. He carefully prepared them to accomplish
the purposes they were “born” to serve. But the answer to the next question is a little harder to
accept… If it was true about Jeremiah, isn’t it true about all of us? About me? About you? Do
you believe God knew you, consecrated you, and appointed you before you existed? If you do,
are you living your life like you believe it?

If it’s true, then WE are God’s pandemic response team. He knew that you and I would be alive
right now. He knew that we would possess the exact talents and abilities that we do. And He
expects us to use them to fulfill His purposes. Are you living the life that God created you to


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