Why We’re Here: Breaking Bread

Why We’re Here: Breaking Bread

This is the third of a four-part series called “Why We’re Here.” I’m aiming to help us as a church think introspectively about some practical reasons why God put us here. To do this, we’re considering Luke’s description of the earliest Christians.

The third thing Luke writes that these Christians were devoted to is “the breaking of bread.” Sometimes that expression means the Lord’s Supper, and it may very well have that meaning here. But sometimes it refers to normal meals, and since verses 46-47 (included above) suggest that these Christians were “breaking bread in their homes,” we’re going to reflect on the importance of Christians engaging in table fellowship (part four will be on worship).

Actually, this Sunday we’ll do more than think about eating meals together . . . we’ll think about the significance of meals throughout Scripture with an emphasis on the life of Jesus and how he seemed to spend quite a bit of his ministry time sitting around a table with people. And we’ll think about what that means to us. In Scripture it’s clear that God wants us to fellowship with one another around tables, but he also wants us to think about the table in other, fascinating ways. We’ll flesh those out Sunday morning, Lord willing.


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