Truth and Lies: Part 2 – The Flesh

Truth and Lies: Part 2 – The Flesh

I started a three-part series last Sunday called “Truth and Lies,” and in these three messages, I’m focusing on how Satan spreads “deceptive ideas that play to our disordered desires that become normalized in a sinful society” (those words come from Live No Lies by John Mark Comer).

The “deceptive ideas” are lies from Satan (last week).

The “disordered desires” are what the Bible calls “the flesh” (today).

And the “sinful society” is what Scripture calls “the world” (next Sunday).

Biblical writers–especially Paul–often discuss a struggle between “the flesh” and “the Spirit,” and when they do, they’re referring to the sinful desires that all of us have that war against the way God wants us to live.

The world tells us to “find ourselves,” “be true to ourselves,” and “speak our truth,” but God warns us that our hearts are “deceitful above all things” and not to be trusted (Jer 17:9).


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