The Problem of Others: “The Woman You Gave Me”

The Problem of Others: “The Woman You Gave Me”

A few weeks back we looked at how our view of God changed in Genesis 3, and a week later we reflected on how our view of self changed. But that’s not all.

In Adam’s “defense” to God in the Scripture reading above, you see a hint of how our view of others changed as well. “The woman you gave me . . .” No longer are they allies and partners; now she’s the “other,” the enemy, the one to blame.

It’s not hard to love people theoretically, but it’s another thing entirely to love them practically, in the real world.

We find it hard to love some people because of choices they’ve made, or lives they’ve lived, or attitudes they’ve displayed. Others are hard to love because they require so much of us. They’re needy.

But here, as in everything, Jesus came to “recover the story” . . . to show us how to remove the barriers that so often create distance between us and others.


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