Look at the Mess We’ve Made

Look at the Mess We’ve Made

The problems and issues of life are many. Most of the time, the major problems we face are self-induced. It can be difficult to accurately identify and analyze the root causes when we are not honest with ourselves. Also, identifying root causes is often difficult when we close our eyes to prevailing facts and factors associated with our problems.

In the sermon, Stan compared the confused world of Zephaniah’s day with our own. Judah was confused in so many ways, having bought into the false ideologies of the world. They had turned away from God and had turned to idols, even sacrificing their own children to pagan gods. In a similar way, we are sometimes persuaded by the false messages of the world, buying into philosophical perspectives that are more concerned about political correctness than they are about truth.

As Christians, we must keep our eyes focused on Jesus, and he will open our eyes to see truth, enabling us to clean up the messes in our lives.


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