Daily Practices for Anxious Times: Pure Scripture

Daily Practices for Anxious Times: Pure Scripture

As I mentioned last week, in December I’m deviating from the One Word devotional reading topics and doing something different.

2020 has been a hard year for many people, including many in our congregation. Anxiety levels for some people are higher than ever. Professional counselors are suggesting that they’re receiving a record number of requests from people who are seeking help for various problems.

For December I’m preaching a short series called, “Daily Practices for Anxious Times.” I sense there’s a need for us to revisit some of the most basic and ancient practices of the Christian faith to help us recenter and to make sure we’re grounded in our relationship with Christ.

Last Sunday was about prayer, and tomorrow will be about Scripture.

A most basic tenet of the Christian faith is the inspiration of Scripture: when we read the word of God with an open heart and mind and a spirit of submission, the Creator of the Universe is speaking to us. That’s really an unbelievable thought, and one that we too often take for granted.

Tomorrow I plan to encourage our members to take seriously the daily discipline of reading and contemplating Scripture. It’s something we all know that we should do, but then life gets busy and stressful and it’s too easy to put it off until “we have more time.” And that time rarely comes.

Yet when we neglect Scripture we neglect one of the primary ways that God leads and teaches us.

On the contrary, when we engage in daily moments of Scripture reading and contemplation, we tap into a beautiful and bottomless resource of encouragement and guidance.


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