Breathed Out by God

Breathed Out by God

You’ve probably heard talk about our living in a “post-truth” world, one characterized by news outlets that prevent different versions of events, all proclaiming to be “the truth.” Of all the characteristics of postmodernism, one of the most alarming is the lack of trust in institutions/people/religions to be purveyors of truth. In other words, we’ve become a society that has no absolute standard of Truth. We’ve got “truths” but no Truth. We don’t trust the government, we don’t trust the news, and we don’t trust religious leaders and the religions they represent.

Those are some of the reasons why this series will matter. As God’s people, we need to trust God, and trusting him means trusting the word that he inspired. “Your word is truth,” Jesus said, and in the midst of all the uncertainty in the world we need to cling to that now more than ever.


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