Your Heart

Last week we introduced our theme for 2020: “Focus on what matters: ‘This one thing I do.'” I think probably everyone in our congregation realizes the importance of priorities, and we know that we have the tendency to get them out of order. The “one thing” that we know ought to get our focus sometimes gets relegated to a lesser position, even though we know it shouldn’t.

And so we try to do better. We make resolutions and commitments. We try to read our Bibles more, come to church more, pray more. And maybe that helps a little, but inevitably we slip back into old habits. The resolution we make on January 1 becomes a distant memory by March or April (or maybe even by February).

The problem, as we probably already know, is deeper than that. It’s the heart, the center of our being where our deepest affections lie and that influences everything we say and do.

Throughout the course of the year we’ll emphasize things related to our commitment to the “one thing,” and tomorrow we’ll discuss the importance of the heart: “Keep your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.” The outcome of the battle–win or lose–will be determined there.


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