What a Messed-Up Marriage Teaches Us About God’s Love for Us

What a Messed-Up Marriage Teaches Us About God’s Love for Us

You may know the story of Hosea and Gomer, but if not, it’s ugly. So ugly.

God commands his prophet Hosea to marry Gomer, a woman who’s going to break his heart. And she starts cheating not long after the wedding. It was so bad that Hosea named their third child, “Not Mine.”

But tomorrow we’ll focus on the beautiful part of the story . . . sacrifice and reconciliation. Gomer had chased after various lovers, and for some reason she basically found herself on the auction block. That’s how far she’d sunk.

And God says, “Hosea–this woman who’s betrayed you and hurt you and shamed you–take her back. Not only that, take your money and pay the auction price and buy her back.”

And he does.

There are all sorts of implications of this story, but the most important one is what it teaches us about God’s love for you and me. In the story, we’re Gomer. We’ve gone after all sorts of “lovers,” and yet God pays the purchase price to win us back.

This was written 700 years before Christ, but it’s obvious that’s where it’s pointing, isn’t it?

This is a story of love, betrayal, and reconciliation, and it illustrates so tragically and beautifully what God does for us in Christ.


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