Trust Changes Everything

The more I read the Bible and try to follow Jesus, the more I realize that the basis of our relationship with God—at least on our part—is learning to trust him completely and unreservedly. Most of us struggle at times with doubt, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. We don’t obey God as fully or consistently as we should. Sometimes (often?) we make choices based on what WE think is best rather than trusting that God’s way is best.

Why is that? Why do we have fear and anxiety? Why do we disobey?

I think the answer is simple—we don’t really trust God: that he’ll work things out, that he’ll keep his word and do what is best for us.

This isn’t as much of a textual study of the passage on Hezekiah above, but rather more of an exploration of the principle of trust throughout Scripture. We’ll use Hezekiah as an example of someone who learned to trust God, and we’ll discuss the aspects of biblical faith (trust). Trust changes everything, embracing every aspect of our being: intellect (our thoughts), volition (our desires), emotion (our feelings), and practice (our actions).

In other words, as we learn to trust God it changes us completely. It’ll reduce anxiety and fear, and it’ll help us obey more consistently . . . In short, it’ll help us live the lives God created us to live.