Too Bad or Too Good?

Too Bad or Too Good?

The essence of Satan’s nature is that he lies to and about us. He loves to make accusations concerning us, and here’s one of his favorites:

About the good news of Jesus Christ, he’ll say one of two things: For some people, he tells them that they’re too bad, that they have no hope for mercy. “Your sins are worse than everybody else’s . . . God doesn’t show mercy to people like you.” And many people believe him, assuming there’s no hope for them.

On the other hand, he tells some people that they’re good enough not to need the gospel . . . people like them don’t really need forgiveness. “Well, at least you’re not like those awful sinners who do _____ and ______. God’s actually pretty happy with where you are.” And many people buy in to this notion of self-righteousness. “I’m not really that bad . . .”

But as you know, the message of the gospel is for everyone. No sinner is beyond the reach of God’s mercy, and no one is good enough not to need it.

All have sinned, Paul says, and all need the gospel, regardless of what they’ve done. And the good news is–it’s freely accessible to everyone.


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