Resources for Discussion Class Hour on December 20, 2017

Resources for Discussion Class Hour on December 20, 2017

Sermon Title: The Glory of God

Text: 1 Corinthians 10:31, 2 Corinthians 3:18

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Class Discussion Questions

  1. Based on the sermon and the texts used in it, what does it mean to bring glory to God?
  2. Think back on the last seven days. How did you bring glory to God in the different spheres of your life? Work? School? In your marriage? With the person you’re dating? With your children? With your parents? With neighbors? In your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter posts?
  3. Look ahead to the next seven days and reflect on each of those areas again. What opportunities might God give you to bring him glory over the Christmas holidays?
  4. “God created us a little lower than the angels, not a little higher than the apes.” How do our thoughts about where we came from affect the way we live? Reflect on how the belief that we are the product of unguided evolutionary processes through natural selection might be the cause of some of our social ills today. How might this affect how we behave sexually? The way we treat the disadvantaged? Acts of violence? Racism, prejudice?
  5. As we grow older, we start to look more like our parents. If God is gradually conforming us into his image, shouldn’t we start to look more like him as we spend more time in a relationship with him?
  6. Giving glory to God in real-life situations:
    1. After church Sunday, a young mom remarked that it is sometimes hard to think about how doing the tedious tasks of raising young children could bring God glory. What counsel would you give her?
    2. Hypothetical: a Christian is stuck in a dead-end job doing something he doesn’t enjoy and longs for the day when he’ll be able to find his dream job. Can he bring God glory where he is right now? How would you counsel him?
    3. Hypothetical: a Christian is in a difficult marriage. What does “giving glory to God” look like in that situation?
  7. Using the third definition of kavod from the sermon (“physical manifestation of one’s importance, value, etc.”), what is your kavod? How might Christians shift our emphasis from the stuff we’ve accumulated or the accomplishments we’ve achieved to a kavod that is God-centered?


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