Becoming a part of the Hoover family

Becoming a part of the Hoover family

People become a part of a church for a multitude of reasons. In the past, it was fairly common in Churches of Christ for those who wanted to “place membership” with a church to walk forward during the invitation song after the sermon and express this. Most people find this experience to be uncomfortable and often do not want to do it. Today, most will simply let the ministers or one of the elders know that it is their desire to be a part of the church family.

It is usually understood that those who desire to be a part of a local Church of Christ have made a decision, a commitment, to serve Jesus Christ as Lord. As a part of that decision, one was immersed in water (baptized), a physical act with spiritual dimensions the Bible describes as a new birth. The one baptized arises from the waters with a new life, a new Lord, a new start, and a new faith family.

If you would like to be a member of the Hoover Church of Christ but have not been baptized yet, please know that the ministers and elders are always ready to study with you in a comfortable setting and an open Bible. This way you can make a decision with certainty that this is God’s plan for your life.

The Hoover Church of Christ is a friendly congregation of Christians who are striving to serve the Lord. We desire to love God, love our neighbors, and love Hoover and surrounding communities. Your presence here today (and always) is a blessing to us. We love to welcome new friends to join us on our journey to eternity. And we love to help when someone is seeking to know God’s way to salvation by studying God’s word. We look forward to helping you find a place to serve and be active in your life of faith.

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