Are You Righteous?

The word righteous means “to act in a way that’s morally right and wise.” In James chapter 5, we read about the “prayer of a righteous person.” This prayer, James said, “has great power as it is working. My first thought is that I want to be righteous! I want to be able to pray powerful prayers. But, am I righteous?

Sometimes, I pray with doubts. Not doubts in God, but doubts in myself. My prayers sometimes focus more on my successes and failures than on the mighty God who has promised to answer when I pray. I have also prayed while thinking, “I’m not good enough or worthy enough for God to answer me.” It might surprise you to know that I believe I am righteous…but not because I’ve always acted that way. You and I are righteous ONLY IF we “walk in the light” with “Jesus Christ the righteous.” (I John 1:7-2:1)

It’s important to notice in the above-referenced scripture that “walking in the light” will include occasional sin. (1:8, 10) When Christians determine to walk with God, the blood of Jesus keeps on cleansing even when we stumble in sin. Faithfulness is, more than anything, an attitude of the heart and an honest desire to seek His ways and do His will. However, sin can and will hinder our prayers when: we allow guilt to keep us from praying, and we allow sin to remain in our lives without repenting of it. (Isaiah 59:1-2)

We are righteous because of Jesus righteousness. God hears our prayers because Jesus mediates for us. (I Timothy 2:5) God wants us to be confident when we pray. Confident that no matter what or who we have been, HE is faithful and just. He will answer, and He will bless!—Darrell Powel


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